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Rising star: Vietnam’s role in Asia’s shifting supply chains - Shared screen with speaker view
Quang Loc Lam
when Vietnam government commit to keeping labour costs down, is it good for Vietnamese workers who still have low income?
Anuraag Sunder
how can one assist local population in upskilling ? which organisation should one contact please? thanks
Pieter Perrett
One challenge in some of the large urban areas, particularly HCMC, is the challenge with infrastructure. (i.e. as spending power increases more people buy cars) which cause significant congestion. How is this impacting sectors like logistics?Any comments on the logistics and automation challenges?
Van Bui Hoang
Do you think that with regards to clusters, will the government shift towards developing tech clusters near or in urban areas instead of manufacturing clusters? the proposals for the National Innovation Centre seems to be going in this direction.
Huong Ngo
What about innovation capability promotion policy of Vietnamese Government? Is it an advantage of Vietnam>
Pragatheeswaran Rathinasamy
Whether these statistics holds good with respect to the current political stability that propels the policy changes?
Ulrich Moser
Regarding the scarcity of skilled workforce. Has Vietnam already reacted to this risk and has programs for education and ups killing in place?
Based on the latest trade data, was there any significant increase in volume of commodities where the tariffs have been reduced?
Ulrich Moser
Have you observed any activities to simplify the entry conditions for foreigners?
Thanh CaoChinh
Labour shortage in recent years made industrial clusters/provinces have to compete for labour to meet with the increasing developments. Any comments and suggestions?
Yazrin Syakhairi
Are there pool of local autoparts vendors that could be JVed with for manufacturing automotive parts and components for the Vietnamese and export markets?
Christian Schoen
How does economic governance in Viet Nam stimulate innovation in industry and what could be additional measures to promote innovation particularly in the SME sector?
Jill Tucker
Doesn't the EU-Vietnam trade agreement require permitting the establishment of independent trade unions? Do you not expect pressure from labour to increase over the years due to this? (Vietnam has had rampant wildcat strikes as well.)
Qi Siang Ng
To what extent will the growing move to ringfence supply chains affect Vietnam's export-oriented economic model?